What is another word for slacks?

Pronunciation: [slˈaks] (IPA)

Slacks are a versatile item in any wardrobe, but sometimes using the same word repeatedly can become monotonous. Here are some synonyms for the word "slacks": trousers, pants, chinos, khakis, corduroys, strides, breeches, bottoms, flannels, and gabardines. All of these words can be used interchangeably with "slacks" depending on the context and your personal preference. Adding variety to your language can make your writing or conversation more interesting and engaging. Experiment with different synonyms and see which ones feel the most natural in your speech or writing.

Synonyms for Slacks:

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Usage examples for Slacks

His jacket and slacks were of black synthesilk, and he wore a big atom-pistol.
"The World with a Thousand Moons"
Edmond Hamilton
Mechanically, Kenniston slipped from his bunk and threw on his slacks and space-jacket.
"The World with a Thousand Moons"
Edmond Hamilton
He was of medium height, dressed in tan slacks and sport shirt with a darker jacket.
"The Wailing Octopus"
Harold Leland Goodwin

Famous quotes with Slacks

  • Apart from anything else, I find boots are too hot except in wintry weather. At home I usually wear a sweater, shirt and slacks.
    Honor Blackman
  • I am actually wearing slacks on the show more than I ever have - it is now acceptable, and I like mixing it up.
    Mary Hart
  • The original of the yellow rose is clad (you've guessed it) in canary yellow. The lemon-meringue confection has been poured into yellow slacks and yellow shirt, an immaculate yellow-blonde barbie-doll with 'EFG- Follies-Girl' written all over her.
    Jani Allan

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