What is another word for Doublets?

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[ dˈʌbləts], [ dˈʌbləts], [ d_ˈʌ_b_l_ə_t_s]

Doublets are pairs of words that have the same etymology but differ in spelling and pronunciation. Some synonyms for "doublets" include "cognates", "lexical twins", "etymological duplicates", and "homographs". Cognates refer to words that share a common origin and have similar meanings in different languages. Lexical twins, on the other hand, are words that share the same spelling and pronunciation but have different meanings. Etymological duplicates describe words that have the same origin and similar meanings but differ in spelling and/or pronunciation. Lastly, homographs are words that have the same spelling but different meanings and pronunciations.

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How to use "Doublets" in context?

Doublets are twins who are more than just siblings. Doublets are two individuals who are genetically identical but are born with two completely different sets of DNA, which can create some interesting phenomena.

There are a few different types of doublets, but the most common is the dizygotic or fraternal twin. In these cases, two babies are born with the same DNA but with two different sets of reproductive cells. For instance, one baby might have one set of cells that create muscle and another that creates bone, while the second baby might have two sets of cells that both create muscle.

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