What is another word for win?

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[ w_ˈɪ_n], [ wˈɪn], [ wˈɪn]

Synonyms for Win:

victory (noun) acquire (verb) capture (verb) defeat (verb) dominate (verb) succeed (verb) Other synonyms:

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Rhymes for Win:

  1. tin, skin, gwynn, chin, when, bin, fin, min, sin, din, quin, inn, gin, lin, twin, kin, grin, thin, in, spin, shin, pin, yin;
  2. chagrin, therein, has-been, akin, begin, berlin, within;
  3. menuhin, violin;

Quotes for Win:

  1. Well, usually when you talk about a mandate, you're talking about an overwhelming win I don't think by any measurement the 2004 election was an overwhelming win Lincoln Chafee.
  2. Because people have no thoughts to deal in, they deal cards, and try and win one another's money. Idiots! Arthur Schopenhauer.
  3. To survive is to win Zhang Yimou.

Idioms of Win:

  1. win sm's heart;
  2. You win sm, you lose sm;
  3. He that would the daughter win, must with the mother first begin.;

Adjectives for Win:

  • brave and unyielding,
  • nice and meek,
  • bright little,
  • dear little,
  • good old,
  • nice,
  • brave,
  • happier few,
  • more serene.