What is another word for interlocking?

Pronunciation: [ˌɪntəlˈɒkɪŋ] (IPA)

Interlocking is a word that means to link or connect one thing to another. There are many synonyms for this word, which describe similar actions and have similar meanings. Some of these include interconnected, intertwined, interwoven, entwined, and interlinked. Each of these words implies a close connection and interdependence between two or more things, and suggests that the parts fit together snugly. Other synonyms for interlocking include meshed, locked, integrated, and joined, all of which describe a tight connection or fusion of parts. Regardless of which synonym you choose, each conveys a sense of interconnectedness and unity.

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What are the opposite words for interlocking?

Interlocking is a term that describes two or more things fitting together precisely. Conversely, the antonyms for this word include separating, disjoining, dividing, unfastening, and detaching. Separating suggests creating distance between two or more objects. It can also describe breaking up a group into individual components. Disjoining refers to the separation of two pieces that were previously connected. Dividing suggests creating gaps between two or more sections or groups. Unfastening denotes removing a fixing mechanism that was holding two things together. The word detaching is used to describe breaking a connection between two or more objects. These antonyms represent the opposite of what it means to be interlocking.

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Usage examples for Interlocking

The course was charted by automatic navigators and the vast pattern of interlocking machinery and safety devices was electronically controlled by robot relays from the pilot master-panel.
"The Instant of Now"
Irving E. Cox, Jr.
The strange, interlocking structure of the unconscious mind of the embryo was not something that could be unraveled and examined in a hurry.
"The Short Life"
Francis Donovan
She seated herself, crossing one knee above the over, interlocking about it slender, white fingers.
"A Fool There Was"
Porter Emerson Browne

Famous quotes with Interlocking

  • I like creating these rhythmic patterns. These interlocking rhythmic things are really fun.
    Danny Elfman
  • For starters, this country embodies something utterly unique: History's first democratic empire. Beginning in the post war era, we have used free trade and democracy to create a series of interlocking relationships that end war.
    Armstrong Williams
  • Seeking an English equivalent for peinture relative, Fritz Glarner settled on the term 'relational painting' towards the end of 1946, which he applied retrospectively to some of his earlier paintings and all his subsequent works. It was a term that suited the kind of abstract painting he pursued, focused on relating geometric shapes and ground through colour in ways which would make shape and ground alternate to produce what he called 'pumping planes'. While acknowledging the influence of Piet Mondrian (1872-1944), with whom he was closely associated in New York, Glarner replaced the balancing of horizontality and verticality achieved in Mondrian's painting with interlocking rectangles and wedges that expand out towards the edges of the canvas.
    Dore Ashton
  • At first the tumbling had me totally disoriented. With each degree that I turned, the images around me would deform and change. Three given blobs might split or merge to two or five, while some other shape's angular facets would sprout interlocking crystals. It was a little like trying to make out a human body by watching a Carousel slideshow of three hundred sixty microtomed cross sections.
    Rudy Rucker
  • Globalization creates interlocking fragility, while reducing volatility and giving the appearance of stability. In other words it creates devastating Black Swans. We have never lived before under the threat of a global collapse. Financial Institutions have been merging into a smaller number of very large banks. Almost all banks are interrelated. So the financial ecology is swelling into gigantic, incestuous, bureaucratic banks — when one fails, they all fall. The increased concentration among banks seems to have the effect of making financial crisis less likely, but when they happen they are more global in scale and hit us very hard. We have moved from a diversified ecology of small banks, with varied lending policies, to a more homogeneous framework of firms that all resemble one another. True, we now have fewer failures, but when they occur... I shiver at the thought.
    Nassim Nicholas Taleb

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