What is another word for laconic?

Pronunciation: [lakˈɒnɪk] (IPA)

Laconic is a term that refers to being concise or brief in expression. However, there are several alternative synonyms that can be used, including terse, pithy, succinct, curt, brusque, and concise. Each of these words carries a slightly different connotation. For example, terse implies a brusque or blunt manner, while pithy suggests brevity and power of expression. Succinct implies that all extraneous details have been removed, while curt suggests an abrupt or even rude tone. Choosing the right synonym will depend on the context of the sentence and the writer's intended meaning. Regardless, all of these words could be used in place of laconic to convey brevity or conciseness in expression.

Synonyms for Laconic:

What are the hypernyms for Laconic?

A hypernym is a word with a broad meaning that encompasses more specific words called hyponyms.

What are the opposite words for laconic?

Laconic is an adjective that refers to the quality of using few words to express oneself. Antonyms of laconic would, therefore, be descriptors of individuals who are verbose, long-winded, or loquacious. Some words that can be used to describe individuals who are the opposite of laconic include voluble, garrulous, verbose, chatty, loquacious, and prolix. These individuals tend to use an excessive amount of words to communicate their thoughts and ideas. Although laconic individuals prefer using fewer words, verbose individuals prefer using lengthy explanations or descriptions to communicate their point effectively. They are often known for dragging out their explanations and providing excessive details.

Usage examples for Laconic

They had reached the end of the walk, and had looked over the hedge, but he became more and more laconic.
"The Dead Lake and Other Tales"
Paul Heyse
The first message that came back from the entering troops was laconic: While entering Bapaume we came across a party the whole of which was accounted for.
"From Bapaume to Passchendaele, 1917"
Philip Gibbs
The operator tried to make it laconic, but it came out sullen.
"Eight Keys to Eden"
Mark Irvin Clifton

Famous quotes with Laconic

  • The weight and concentration of the poems fall upon (and those great things, animals and people), in their tough, laconic, un-get-pastable plainness: they have kept the stolid and dangerous inertia of the objects of the sagas—the sword that snaps, the man looking at his lopped-off leg and saying, “That was a good stroke.”
    Randall Jarrell
  • Your righteous eyes, your laconic trigger-fingers people the streets with villains: as you move, the air in front of you blossoms with targets
    Margaret Atwood

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