What is another word for curt?

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[ k_ˈɜː_t], [ kˈɜːt], [ kˈɜːt]

Synonyms for Curt:

concise (adjective) severe (adjective) short (adjective) taciturn (adjective) Other synonyms:

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Rhymes for Curt:

  1. pervert, inert, evert, skirt, blurt, girt, burt, subvert, hurt, flirt, unhurt, overt, shirt, invert, pert, dessert, insert, dirt, exert, turret, squirt, revert, spurt, divert;
  2. avert, desert, concert, alert, assert, convert, advert;
  3. reassert, disconcert;

Quotes for Curt:

  1. You know, you meet some people, and do a lot of interviews, and you come across a Buck O'Neill and you know you are going to know him for the rest of your life. The same thing happened with Curt Flood. Ken Burns.
  2. They can't have Randy Johnson and Curt Schilling lose a game. Keith Hernandez.

Adjectives for Curt:

  • much more,
  • tall, handsome,
  • poor dear,
  • tall.