What is another word for succinct?

Pronunciation: [səksˈɪŋkt] (IPA)

Succinct is a word that describes something that is brief and to the point. Synonyms for succinct include concise, pithy, laconic, terse, and compact. Concise means expressing much in few words. Pithy connotes terseness, forcefulness, and vigor in expression. Laconic is used to describe someone who uses very few words to express themselves. Terse refers to language that is brief and curt, and usually implies brusqueness or disagreeable sharpness. Compact means expressing much in a small space or with few words. All these synonyms imply that the idea or expression being communicated is conveyed effectively and efficiently.

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What are the opposite words for succinct?

Succinct means brief and to the point. The opposite of succinct is verbose, meaning excessively wordy or long-winded. Verbose individuals tend to use unnecessary words to explain their ideas or thoughts, making their communication difficult to follow. Another antonym for succinct is prolixity, which refers to excessive lengthiness in a written or spoken statement. People who tend to be prolix typically take far too long to get their message across, often repeating themselves and adding irrelevant details. Conversely, succinct people are laconic, economical, or brief in their expression, while verbose and prolix individuals tend to be tedious and time-consuming.

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Usage examples for Succinct

It covers the ground thoroughly, and gives just the sort of simple and succinct account that is wanted.
"Thomas Hart Benton"
Theodore Roosevelt
She described the magazine proprietor and his wife in a succinct sentence,- "They're second-class New York: everything the others have but the right crowd-you'll see."
"One Woman's Life"
Robert Herrick
Those facts had found a succinct expression by the aid of Kepler's laws.
"The Story of the Heavens"
Robert Stawell Ball

Famous quotes with Succinct

  • Under complexity science, the more interacting factors, the more unpredictable and irregular the outcome. To be succinct, the greater the complexity, the greater the unpredictability.
    L. K. Samuels
  • For people like us it is necessary to be a bit stronger, more self-critical, more observant than the usual run. Whether we happen to come already enhanced with these qualities, as some have claimed, or whether our situation invests them in us, we have traditionally - and we do have a long and proud tradition - been a little finer, a little firmer, more sensitive and flexible than others... There will be times when only your own spine can support you, moments when only your own wit can inspire you, days when nothing but exacting self-control can raise you from bed, nights when nothing but your word can impel you into society. But of all these disciplines, there is nothing you must hold to more sternly than to be kind and sympathetic. The easiest armor to put on is always cruelty. That armor will, indeed, see you through everything. Vicious condescension toward those without your strength can make you feel momentarily superior. But that easy armor must be forgone. Don't ever curdle that creamy brow with lines of easy disdain, or curl those lips with a popular sneer. Of all the models available, the one of gentleman in our late war is most succinct Face what you have to face with humor, dignity, and style; protect yourself with knightly grace; have contempt for your own weakness and never encourage it in others; but never, Ralph, never for an instant permit yourself to feel anything other than pity and deepest sympathy for unfortunate comrades who have, after all, fallen in the same battle.
    Robert Patrick (playwright)
  • If I were asked to summarize as briefly as possible my vision of things, to reduce it to its most succinct expression, I should replace words with an exclamation point, a definitive !
    Emil Cioran
  • Never mind what you were doing, Olaf said. You're fired! You can't fire me! Esme growled. I quit! Well, you can leave by mutual agreement, Olaf grumbled and then with another succinct Ha! he lifted the harpoon gun and pointed it at Dewey Denouement.
    Daniel Handler

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