What is another word for necrosis?

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Necrosis refers to the death of cells or a particular part of an organ due to disease or injury. There are a number of synonyms for the term, some of which include decay, putrefaction, rot, corrosion, gangrene, mortification and degeneration. These synonyms are commonly used in medical settings to describe the destructive effects of disease and infections on human tissue and organs. Understanding the synonyms for necrosis can be helpful in determining the nature and extent of tissue damage in diagnosis and treatment. It's important to note that while these words contribute to science and medicine, they are often quite morbid and unsettling for the general public.

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    Occurs when tissue dies and doesn't regenerate (necrosis is a Greek word meaning death of tissue). Risk factors for necrosis include infection, trauma, surgery, irradiation, and diabetes. Necrosis can lead to amputation, disability, and death.

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