What is another word for recognition?

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Recognition is the acknowledgment or appreciation of something. It can be given in the form of praise, credit or a reward. There are several synonyms for the word recognition such as acknowledgment, appreciation, acceptance, approval, respect and admiration. These words signify that someone has noticed the effort you have put in and is giving attention to it. Recognition can be for any kind of achievement such as academic, social or professional. It can be encouraging for the person who is being recognized and motivate them to keep working harder in the future. Synonyms for recognition are a great way to convey a message of appreciation or gratitude.

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How to use "Recognition" in context?

Recognition is a feeling of pleasure or satisfaction that comes from knowing or being identified with something. It is often associated with positive emotions such as pride, love, and admiration. Recognition can also lead to favorable actions, such as patronizing a business or rewarding an employee.

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