What is another word for unreserved?

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Unreserved is a word that indicates a lack of constraints or limitations. Some synonyms for the word "unreserved" are unconditional, wholehearted, absolute, unrestricted, frank, sincere, candid, uninhibited, genuine, open-minded, and unequivocal. When someone expresses themselves in an unreserved manner, they are straightforward in their communication, expressing themselves genuinely and without hesitation. Unreserved can apply to a wide range of contexts, including feelings, opinions, and actions. When someone speaks unreservedly, they speak their truth without holding back, always honest and transparent. Some other synonyms could be straightforward, forthright, outright, or undisguised - all of which imply a frank and honest approach.

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What are the opposite words for unreserved?

Unreserved means without any hesitation or concealed motive. It can also mean not having any limitations. Antonyms for the word unreserved could be restrained, hesitant, cautious, limited, confined, or suppressed. These words show that there are boundaries to the unreserved action or expression. When someone is restrained, they may have some hesitation or unwillingness to open up. Hesitant means slowing down and questioning the circumstances. Cautious shows carefulness and prudence. Confined and limited have much less scope than 'unreserved'. In summary, the antonyms suggest a measure of containment or deliberation over the full expression of action or thoughts.

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Usage examples for Unreserved

She had been touched by the unreserved and yet ceremonious way in which he had made what he called his offer of terms, but if he was generous it was the more necessary for her to be cautious.
"Night and Day"
Virginia Woolf
It was in her loneliness that Katharine was unreserved.
"Night and Day"
Virginia Woolf
Dr. Vereker, usually reserved, but candid withal, becomes, under the infection of Sally's frankness, candid and unreserved.
"Somehow Good"
William de Morgan

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