What is another word for showboat?

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When it comes to synonyms for the word "showboat," there are plenty of options to choose from. For instance, you could use terms like "braggart," "boaster," or "swaggerer" to describe someone who is showing off excessively. Additionally, words like "ostentatious," "flashy," or "flamboyant" could be used to describe an object or action that is done with the intention of drawing attention or impressing others. Other potential synonyms for "showboat" might include words like "grandstander," "exhibitionist," or "attention-seeker," all of which can be used to describe individuals who crave the spotlight and are always looking for ways to make a splash.

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How to use "Showboat" in context?

Most people know the term "showboat" as a vessel that is used to display the wealth and power of its owner. This old sailing ship was once the pride of the seafaring community. It was a vessel of immense beauty and sophistication that was used to wow the crowds. But what was the showboat really used for?

The showboat was built for one purpose and one purpose only: to entertain. It was a floating palace that could hold a wide variety of events, from large-scale dances to theatrical productions.

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