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Forearm, an essential component of the upper limb, helps to carry out most activities, from typing to lifting weights. It is responsible for movements like flexing, extending, and rotating. The forearm is a common area for injuries and strains due to overwork at the workplace or during sports activities. Some synonyms for the word forearm are lower arm, antebrachium, or cubitus. In the medical field, the forearm can be referred to as the ulna or radius. In anatomy, the forearm can be further divided into the distal, medial, and proximal regions. Knowing these synonyms helps to better describe and diagnose any issues or injuries related to the forearm.

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Forearm Overview Forearm bones: the radius and ulna The upper arm bone, or humerus, is made up of two main bones - the ulna, or upper arm bone, and the radius, or lower arm bone. The radius and ulna are connected by a joint, the radius and ulna joint. The joint allows the hand to be rotated and bent in a variety of directions. The forearm is also made up of other smaller bones: the humerus head, the radius head, the ulna shaft, and the styloid process.

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