What is another word for debilitate?

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Debilitate refers to the act of weakening or enfeebling something or someone. It is often used in the context of physical illness or mental fatigue. However, there are many synonyms for debilitate that can be used interchangeably to convey similar ideas. Some of these synonyms include exhaust, weaken, drain, sap, impair, paralyze, and enervate. Each of these words implies a gradual loss of strength or vitality, either through illness, exhaustion, or prolonged stress. Understanding these synonyms can help you to craft more nuanced and effective descriptions of physical or mental states that are marked by weakness or exhaustion.

Synonyms for Debilitate:

How to use "Debilitate" in context?

When someone debilitates another person, they fundamentally impair the ability of that person to function in the world. Debilitate is often used to describe an act or event that inflicts significant harm or injury, often leading to decreased health or ability. The main ways in which one can debilitate another person include via physical violence, mental_illness, or manipulation. Debilitate is often used as a verb, meaning to cause significant harm or impairment.

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