What is another word for ankle?

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When discussing injuries and anatomy, it can be useful to have some synonyms for the word "ankle." For instance, "hock" is sometimes used to refer to an animal's ankle, particularly in horses. "Tarsus" is a more anatomically precise term that refers to the joint connecting the lower leg to the foot, and "talocrural joint" describes the joint specifically at the base of the shinbone. "Malleolus" refers to specific bones on either side of the ankle joint, while "foot joint" and "ankle joint" are more general terms that encompass the entire area. Having a range of synonyms can make communication clearer and more precise, particularly in medical and scientific contexts.

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    Ankles are a type of ankle Wells and that is just below the ankle. Ankles have three principal ligaments: the anterior tibiofibular ligament, the posterior tibiofibular ligament, and the peritendinous ligament.

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      • Noun, singular or mass
        peg, pin.
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      • Noun, singular or mass
        foot, leg.

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