What is another word for parentage?

Pronunciation: [pˈe͡əɹəntɪd͡ʒ] (IPA)

Parentage is a word that refers to the relationship between parents and their offspring. It may also be used to describe a person's ancestry or lineage. Synonyms for parentage include lineage, ancestry, descent, family tree, genealogy, heritage, and pedigree. These terms all highlight the origins and background of a person's family. While parentage typically refers to the relationship between a parent and child, it can also be used to describe the larger family structure, including grandparents, great-grandparents, and more distant ancestors. Understanding one's parentage and ancestry can provide insight into one's cultural identity and family history.

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Parentage, defined as the lineage or ancestry of one's parents, has several antonyms including "orphanhood," which refers to the state of being without parents. Another antonym is "adoption," which is when a child is legally taken on by another family. "Barrenness" or "sterility" could also be considered antonyms as it refers to the inability to conceive and have children. "Childless" is another antonym for parentage which describes the state of not having any children. Additionally, "abandonment" could also be considered an antonym as it refers to the act of leaving a child behind and not taking responsibility for them.

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Usage examples for Parentage

To be well born does not of necessity require aristocratic parentage, nor does such parentage involve it: but it implies a virtuous, temperate and pious stock.
"The Expositor's Bible: The Book of Exodus"
G. A. Chadwick
So much the worse for him if he has in this world any ties of parentage, friendship, or love!
"Contemporary Socialism"
John Rae
The parentage of the present clock cannot be traced with any degree of certainty.
"England in the Days of Old"
William Andrews

Famous quotes with Parentage

  • I think the themes of belonging and parentage and love are obviously universal.
    Christopher Eccleston
  • The ability and desire to transform the mundane materials at hand that we both bring into the collaboration well beyond the sum total of the parts - to birth a new baby neither of us could claim single parentage of.
    Gary Lucas
  • As a type for study, or a standard for education, Lodge was the more interesting of the two. Roosevelts are born and never can be taught; but Lodge was a creature of teaching — Boston incarnate — the child of his local parentage; and while his ambition led him to be more, the intent, though virtuous, was — as Adams admitted in his own case — restless. An excellent talker, a voracious reader, a ready wit, an accomplished orator, with a clear mind and a powerful memory, he could never feel perfectly at ease whatever leg he stood on, but shifted, sometimes with painful strain of temper, from one sensitive muscle to another, uncertain whether to pose as an uncompromising Yankee; or a pure American; or a patriot in the still purer atmosphere of Irish, Germans, or Jews; or a scholar and historian of Harvard College. English to the last fibre of his thought — saturated with English literature, English tradition, English taste — revolted by every vice and by most virtues of Frenchmen and Germans, or any other Continental standards, but at home and happy among the vices and extravagances of Shakespeare — standing first on the social, then on the political foot; now worshipping, now banning; shocked by the wanton display of immorality, but practicing the license of political usage; sometimes bitter, often genial, always intelligent — Lodge had the singular merit of interesting. The usual statesmen flocked in swarms like crows, black and monotonous. Lodge's plumage was varied, and, like his flight, harked back to race. He betrayed the consciousness that he and his people had a past, if they dared but avow it, and might have a future, if they could but divine it.
    Henry Adams

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