What is another word for courier?

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A courier is someone who delivers packages, letters or documents. Some synonyms for courier include delivery person, messenger, carrier, dispatch rider, postman, postwoman, mailman, mailwoman, courier agent, runner, errand boy, and express messenger. The term courier is commonly used in the context of on-demand delivery services where individuals or businesses can order deliveries instantly. The courier's job is to ensure that the packages reach their destination on time and intact. Couriers can work for both local and international delivery services. Couriers are crucial in today's fast-paced world where the demand for quick and reliable deliveries is increasing rapidly.

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    The antonyms for the word "courier" are not often used, as courier is a specific term referring to a person who delivers messages, documents, and packages. However, potential antonyms for courier could be "recipient" or "addressee," as they are individuals who typically receive deliveries rather than making them. Another possible antonym could be "sender," as they are the ones who initiate deliveries. However, it should be noted that these antonyms are not perfect opposites of courier and may not be as widely recognized. Ultimately, courier is a unique term that may not have many strict antonyms.

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    Usage examples for Courier

    I sent it to Donovan in a sealed diplomatic pouch by special courier, with instructions to wear it at this time.
    "The Foreign Hand Tie"
    Gordon Randall Garrett
    By this courier I send thee divers rhymes which may divert thee.
    "Eugene Field, A Study In Heredity And Contradictions"
    Slason Thompson
    The woman was on her way to Cairo to join her husband, who had a place there in an English family as courier and valet.
    "Little Miss Joy"
    Emma Marshall

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