What is another word for gnu?

Pronunciation: [ɡənˈuː] (IPA)

The word gnu can often be used interchangeably with the words wildebeest or brindled gnu. These animals are found in the savannas of Africa and are known for their striking physical appearance. The gnu has a unique profile with a sloping back and a rounded head that is often compared to a horse. The wildebeest is also known for its distinctive horns, which are curved and can grow up to two feet. In some regions, the gnu is also called the white-bearded wildebeest due to the unique tuft of hair that grows on its chin. Overall, these synonyms highlight the importance of the gnu as a key species within Africa's diverse wildlife.

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Usage examples for Gnu

There was a wonderful profusion of antelopes,-thirty-one species have been enumerated,-including such noble animals as the eland and koodoo, such beautiful ones as the springbok and klipspringer, such fierce ones as the blue wildebeest or gnu.
"Impressions of South Africa"
James Bryce
The gnoos that had been seen were the common kind called by the Dutch colonists "wildebeests" or wild-oxen, and by the Hottentots "gnoo" or "gnu," from a hollow moaning sound to which these creatures sometimes give utterance, and which is represented by the word "gnoo-o-oo."
"Popular Adventure Tales"
Mayne Reid
They had not far to go, game of all kinds being abundant in that region, but instead of finding a buffalo or gnu, they discovered a lioness in a bed of rushes.
"The Settler and the Savage"
R.M. Ballantyne

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