What is another word for alpaca?

Pronunciation: [alpˈakə] (IPA)

Alpaca is a wonderful animal that is known for its soft, luxurious, and warm wool that is treasured by many. These woolly creatures have different synonyms, including the Andean camelid, a high-altitude mammal, a vicuña, and a guanaco. The alpaca's wool is also referred to as alpaca fleece or alpaca fiber. In addition, the alpaca has been described as a graceful, gentle, and intelligent animal that is a cousin to the llama. The alpaca's charming and unique personality has made them a favorite among farmers, breeders, and nature lovers alike. These fascinating animals can be found in Peru, Bolivia, and Ecuador, and other South American countries.

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Usage examples for Alpaca

For her thin lips were parted as if she were speaking to some one, and her long fingers worked convulsively with the strings of her black alpaca apron.
"Little Miss Joy"
Emma Marshall
And there goes Mrs. Skinner looking like a lamp-post, dressed in a grey alpaca; she looks as grim as ever.
"Little Miss Joy"
Emma Marshall
Vibart shouted, springing into the road and catching Mr. Carstyle's alpaca sleeve.
"The Greater Inclination"
Edith Wharton

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