What is another word for panda?

Pronunciation: [pˈandə] (IPA)

The word "panda" is commonly used to refer to the black and white bear species native to China. However, there are other words that can also be used to refer to this animal. One synonym for "panda" is "giant panda," which distinguishes it from the smaller, red pandas found in Asia. Another synonym is "bamboo bear," as pandas subsist on a diet primarily composed of bamboo. In Chinese, pandas are referred to as "dà xióng māo," which translates to "big bear cat" in English. Other descriptive terms include "white-collar bear," "cat bear," and "bamboo eater." No matter what term is used, pandas remain one of the world's most beloved and unique animal species.

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Usage examples for Panda

Ultimately their forces, united with those of a brother of Dingaan, who had rebelled against him and had detached a large part of the Zulu warriors, drove Dingaan out of Zululand in 1840. panda, the rebel brother, was installed king in his stead, as a sort of vassal to the Boer government, which was now entitled the republic of Natalia, and the Boers founded a city, Pietermaritzburg, and began to portion out the land.
"Impressions of South Africa"
James Bryce
Dingan and these Boers were soon engaged in a death struggle in which the Zulus were repulsed and Dingan replaced by panda.
"The Negro"
W.E.B. Du Bois
It is related that when the ex-Peshwa of Poona came to Benares after the death of his father he solicited the panda of the great temple of Viseshwar to assist him in the performance of the ceremonies necessary for the repose of his father's soul.
"The Tribes and Castes of the Central Provinces of India Volume II"
R. V. Russell

Famous quotes with Panda

  • Evolution is the conviction that organisms developed their current forms by an extended history of continual transformation, and that ties of genealogy bind all living things into one nexus. Panselectionism is a denial of history, for perfection covers the tracks of time. A perfect wing may have evolved to its current state, but it may have been created just as we find it. We simply cannot tell if perfection be our only evidence. As Darwin himself understood so well, the primary proofs of evolution are oddities and imperfections that must record pathways of historical descent—the panda's thumb and the flamingo's smile of my book titles (chosen to illustrate this paramount principle of history).
    Stephen Jay Gould
  • “Don’t hope for a life without problems,” the panda said. “There’s no such thing. Instead, hope for a life full of good problems.”
    Mark Manson
  • It's like the panda, they say that's dying out. But what do they do? When you see them they're just sitting in the jungle eating
    Karl Pilkington
  • I've always thought of Hugh as a panda, probably because he's not naturally aggressive. Either a panda or an Opel Kadett. -- Stephen Fry
    Hugh Laurie
  • ..I thought the secret of life was obvious: be here now, love as if your whole life depended on it, find your life's work, and try to get hold of a giant panda.
    Anne Lamott

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