What is another word for sable?

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Sable is a word used to describe a soft and silky mammal fur, generally dark brown or black in color. However, it can also refer to a shade of dark brown that resembles the fur of a sable animal. If you are looking for synonyms for sable, you might consider the phrases 'dark brown', 'blackish-brown', or 'chocolate-brown'. Alternatively, you could use the term 'mink' to describe this richly toned color. It's also possible to use 'sable' to refer to a type of brush or pen nib that is similarly soft and supple. For this meaning, the synonyms are 'brush', 'pencil', or 'pen'.

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Sable, commonly known as a dark brown or black fur, is a versatile word with multiple meanings. When we think of sable, we tend to associate it with luxury, wealth, and elegance. However, the word sable also has antonyms that suggest the opposite. Its antonyms include pale, white, colorless, and light. These words have connotations of simplicity, innocence, and purity. While sable fur often represents opulence, the antonyms of sable give a sense of understated beauty and minimalism. The antonyms of sable offer a different perspective on the word and its meanings, reminding us that simplicity can sometimes be just as beautiful as extravagance.

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Usage examples for Sable

One sleeve was decorously adorned with a black mourning band, and his white bamboo plaited hat was also wreathed in sable.
"The Locusts' Years"
Mary Helen Fee
Dresden Gallery The sitter wears neither velvet nor cloth-of-gold, nor Order of any sort; but his costume is rich black satin, the sleeves puffed with white, the broad fur collar of sable.
Beatrice Fortescue
Over a plain black satin dress she wears a gown of the same material, lined with yellow sable.
Beatrice Fortescue

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