What is another word for fox?

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The word "fox" is a common noun that refers to a small carnivorous animal with a bushy tail, pointed ears, and a long snout. However, there are several synonyms for this word that can be used to describe this animal in different ways. Some synonyms for the word "fox" include: "canine," "vulpine," "brush-tail," "tod," "reynard," "slyboots," "crafty," "wily," "cunning," "sneaky," "clever," "gazelle fox," "desert fox," "red fox," "gray fox," and "artic fox." These synonyms are useful for writers, poets, and nature enthusiasts who want to add variety to their vocabulary and descriptions of this intelligent creature.

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    The fox, also known as the swift fox, red fox, or North American fox, is a small canid found throughout North America and Eurasia. In the wild, they are typically 10 to 16 inches long, with a long slender body and a bushy tail. They are opportunistic predators, eating a wide range of prey, from small animals to bird and mammals.

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        Foxe, foxx.
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    • foxx.

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