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Pronunciation: [mˈuːs] (IPA)

The word "moose" is a popular term to describe the largest deer species, also known as Alces alces. However, there are many other words that can be used to refer to this impressive animal. Some synonyms for "moose" include "elk" (especially in Europe), "wapiti" (in North America), "eurasian elk" (in Asia), and "forest reindeer" (in Scandinavia). Another term that's sometimes used to describe female moose is "cow," while males are sometimes referred to as "bulls." No matter what you call them, moose are fascinating creatures with distinctive features and behaviors that make them a unique part of the animal kingdom.

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Usage examples for Moose

At the first shot the moose gave a tremendous leap into the air, and dropped upon his knees.
"If Any Man Sin"
H. A. Cody
Upon this he placed a liberal supply of fir boughs, over which he spread a large well-dressed moose skin which he had obtained from the natives.
"If Any Man Sin"
H. A. Cody
It was then placed in a strong moose-skin bag and hidden away in the cabin.
"If Any Man Sin"
H. A. Cody

Famous quotes with Moose

  • Yes, during the pilot, they gave me a little toy from the shop. It's like three little moose in a boat, paddling. It's very cute. And I got to keep some of the clothes.
    Caroline Dhavernas
  • Of all the wonders of nature, a tree in summer is perhaps the most remarkable; with the possible exception of a moose singing Embraceable You in spats.
    Woody Allen
  • America is an outstandingly dangerous place. Consider this: every year in New Hampshire a dozen or more people are killed crashing their cars into moose. Now correct me if I am wrong, but this is not something that is likely to happen to you on the way home from Sainsbury's.
    Bill Bryson
  • I'm as strong as a bull moose and you can use me to the limit.
    Theodore Roosevelt
  • The whole secret of raising a fart in class is to make it sound as if it is punctuating, or commenting upon, what the teacher is saying. Timing, not ripeness, is all. 'And since tends to as tends to ,' Fred expounded, 'then the differential of the increment of squared must be... must be... come on, come ! What must it flaming ?' Here was the chance to to give my version of what it must be. I armed one, opened the bomb bay, and let it go. Unfortunately, the results far exceeded the discreet limits I had intended. It sounded like a moose coughing.
    Clive James

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