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Henna is a natural dye that is used for body art and hair coloring. It is a word mostly used in South Asian countries, but it is also recognized in other parts of the world. Henna has different synonyms, such as mehndi, Lawsonia inermis, and hina. Mehndi is the most commonly used synonym, especially in South Asian countries. Lawsonia inermis is the scientific name for henna, but it is not used as often as the other synonyms. Hina is another name for henna that is used in some Middle Eastern countries. These are just a few of the many synonyms that can be used for henna.

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Usage examples for Henna

The leaf in form of a dry powder is sold in the bazars of India under the name of "henna"; mixed with water it gives it a yellow color, and when boiled the tone of the liquid becomes darker; the addition of an alkali turns it brown.
"The Medicinal Plants of the Philippines"
T. H. Pardo de Tavera
The girl, in yellow sarong and pink cotton jacket glorified with rubies and pearls, shows her high breeding in slender wrists, delicate hands, and bare feet of exquisite modelling, a red stain of henna drawing attention to their statuesque contour.
"Through the Malay Archipelago"
Emily Richings
Most of the elderly natives dye their beards with, I think, henna, producing a fine orange effect, but purple...!
"A Holiday in the Happy Valley with Pen and Pencil"
T. R. Swinburne

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