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The word Rust generally refers to the orange and reddish-brown flakes that form on the surface of iron and steel when exposed to air and moisture. However, there are several synonyms for Rust that can help to communicate the same idea in different ways. These include corrosion, oxidisation, stain, decay, tarnish, and erosion. Corrosion typically refers to the chemical reaction that occurs when metals are exposed to air, while oxidisation refers to the process of adding oxygen and creating a chemical change. Stain, decay, tarnish, and erosion may also be used to describe surface damage caused by prolonged exposure to air or water.

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Rust is an important language for system programming on systems with weak memory guarantees, because it offers a safe, high-performing, and language-independent solution to many features used in modern software. Rust is gaining popularity as a platform for web development, because its zero-cost abstraction of thread safety and controllability over lifetimes allows for efficient concurrent programming without the overhead of explicit synchronization.

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