What is another word for conditioner?

Pronunciation: [kəndˈɪʃənə] (IPA)

In the world of hair care, there are many terms that are commonly used interchangeably with "conditioner." Some popular synonyms include "hair moisturizer," "hair softener," and "hair detangler." Other synonyms can include "hair restorer," "hair protector," and "hair nourisher." Additionally, some hair product companies may use unique terms to describe their specific formulas, such as "smoothing cream" or "hydration treatment." Ultimately, all of these terms refer to a product that is used to improve the texture, appearance, and overall health of hair. Whether it is called a conditioner, moisturizer, or something else, the goal is the same - to keep hair healthy and looking its best.

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Usage examples for Conditioner

And six-inch-wide air-conditioner ducts do not provide reasonable space for an exit, not if you happen to be a human being.
"Out Like a Light"
Gordon Randall Garrett
During all this time the ration should contain Pratts Hog Tonic, the guaranteed hog conditioner, in order that at all times the herd may be maintained in vigorous condition, be kept free from disease, may avoid wasting feed through imperfect or sluggish digestion, may earn for the farmer the maximum amount of profit.
"Pratt's Practical Pointers on the Care of Livestock and Poultry"
Pratt Food Co.
The air conditioner was pouring sweet, cool, fresh air into the room; the windows-heavy, thick slabs of paraglass welded directly into the wall-admitted the light from the courtyard outside, but admitted nothing else.
"Anything You Can Do ..."
Gordon Randall Garrett

Famous quotes with Conditioner

  • In Mexico an air conditioner is called a politician because it makes a lot of noise but doesn't work very well.
    Len Deighton
  • When the excrement hit the air conditioner
    Kurt Vonnegut
  • You know what was really humiliating? I got a DWI in a Chevette. It's not like if I hit anyone it would make a difference. Be fair. 'Son you're drunk no doubt about it, but you're in a Chevette buddy, hell go get 'em.' It's like a Big Wheel hittin' your shit. They got mosquitoes bigger than these fuckin' cars. Piece of shit car. Turn the air conditioner on in a Chevette while you're driving it's like hitting the car in the balls. It goes down to 5 all of a sudden. I feel like the Flintstones in that thing. You push the lighter in the battery light comes on. No wonder I'm fuckin' drunk. I hit a moth one time it did $400 damage to this piece of shit. The moth was all right he rolled with it. He took off I'm waitin' for a tow truck. 'What happened to your car buddy?' Shit I hit a bug. 'You're lucky to be alive. A man in Tennessee hit a ladybug in one of them things, sheared his head clean off...and his thumbs.'.
    Bill Hicks

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