What is another word for rectify?

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When you need to rectify something, you might also use any of a variety of synonyms to describe the same action. Some options include correcting, fixing, remedying, resolving, settling, repairing, redressing, or adjusting. All of these terms suggest taking steps to make something right, whether it's a mistake, a problem, or an error of some kind. When used in the context of making something right, the specific word you use might vary depending on the situation or the severity of the problem. However, all of these synonyms suggest taking the necessary actions to make things right and rectify any issues that may have arisen.

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    When something goes wrong in a person's life, it is natural to feel upset and to want to rectify the situation. The word rectify comes from the Latin rectus, meaning "straight." Whenever something is wrong, we might say that something needs to be rectified. This means that it needs to be made correct.

    The Oxford English Dictionary defines rectify as "bring (something) back to a standard condition," and "make good." When something has gone wrong, we might hope to rectify the situation by making things right. We might try to repair or fix the damage that was done.

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