What is another word for intrusion?

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Intrusion refers to an unwelcome or unwanted presence that disrupts order and harmony. Synonyms for intrusion include invasion, incursion, trespass, encroachment, foray, infringement, and interference. These words describe situations where someone or something enters a space, physical or otherwise, without permission or invitation. An invasion may connote a forceful or violent entry, while an incursion or foray suggests a sudden or brief intrusion. Trespass refers to an invasion of private property, and encroachment to a gradual and persistent intrusion. Infringement often refers to the violation of rights or rules, while interference involves the disruption or obstruction of a process or activity.

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How to use "Intrusion" in context?

When discussing intrusion, it is important to consider the definition first. Intrusion generally refers to any unauthorized entrance into or alteration of a location or system. Many times, intrusion can be considered as an unethical act, as it can damage or disrupt an organization's data and systems.

Organizations should be aware of various methods hackers use to gain access to their systems. These include targeted attacks, social engineering, and reconnaissance. Once an attacker has gained access to a targeted network, they may try to exploit any weaknesses they find.

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