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Guilt is a feeling of remorse or regret over something one has done wrong. There are different ways to express this feeling in the English language. One synonym for guilt is "shame," which is a feeling of guilt or embarrassment over something one has done or failed to do. Another synonym is "regret," which refers to the feeling of sorrow or disappointment over something that one has done or not done. "Remorse" is a stronger form of guilt that involves a deep feeling of regret and sorrow for one's actions. Other synonyms for guilt include "conscience," "penitence," and "repentance," all of which refer to a sense of remorse or regret over wrongdoing.

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How to use "Guilt" in context?

When something goes wrong, people often feel guilty. Guilt is a mental state in which somebody feels responsible for something that has gone wrong. It is a powerful tool that can influence a person's emotions and behavior. Guilt can make a person feel ashamed, sad, and angry. Guilt can also lead to tension and conflict. Guilt is a natural response to wrongdoing, but it can be unhealthy if it's obsessed or if it's used as a justification for behaviors that are harmful.

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