What is another word for guilt?

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Guilt is a feeling of remorse or regret over something one has done wrong. There are different ways to express this feeling in the English language. One synonym for guilt is "shame," which is a feeling of guilt or embarrassment over something one has done or failed to do. Another synonym is "regret," which refers to the feeling of sorrow or disappointment over something that one has done or not done. "Remorse" is a stronger form of guilt that involves a deep feeling of regret and sorrow for one's actions. Other synonyms for guilt include "conscience," "penitence," and "repentance," all of which refer to a sense of remorse or regret over wrongdoing.

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Guilt is a feeling that arises from a sense of wrongdoing, fault, or responsibility for a particular action or situation. Antonyms for guilt are emotions or feelings that are associated with a lack of responsibility, wrongdoing, or blamelessness. Some antonyms for guilt include innocence, freedom, purity, blamelessness, righteousness, and virtue. These are feelings and emotions that are often associated with being free from any wrongdoing or having fulfilled one's responsibilities. When we feel innocent, we are not burdened by guilt, and we can move on with our lives without any negative feelings. Antonyms for guilt, therefore, represent a positive state of mind that allows us to live freely, happily, and without any emotional baggage from the past.

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