What is another word for alcove?

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[ ˈalkə͡ʊv], [ ˈalkə‍ʊv], [ ˈa_l_k_əʊ_v]

An alcove is a recessed area in a room that is often used for seating or storage. Synonyms for alcove include niche, bay, nook, compartment, recess, and bay window. A niche is a small recess in a wall or a corner that is used for displaying or storing objects. A bay is a recessed area or a small room with an opening. A nook is a small, cozy, or secluded corner or space. A compartment is a small, enclosed, or separate area for storing or carrying items. A recess is a small, protected, or secluded area that is set back from the main room. A bay window is a large, projecting window that forms a bay or alcove in a room.

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    An alcove is a small, enclosed space, often in a wall or ceiling, from which one or more smaller rooms or corridors lead. Alcoves come in many shapes and sizes, but all share one common feature- they are often well-lit and comfortable, providing a private haven from the bustle of the larger room. Alcoves can add an element of luxury to any room, and can be used to create a number of different...

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