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The word "gallows" refers to a structure used for hanging someone as punishment. However, there are several synonyms that can be used instead of this word. Some of these synonyms includes the "scaffold," "gibbet," and "gibbets," which are all structures used for hanging in different time periods. Other synonyms include the "drop," "trapdoor," and "noose," which refer to various parts of the hanging process. Additionally, the words "gallows-tree," "gallows-post," and "gibbet-tree" are also synonyms used for this word. These synonyms might be helpful in writing about historical events or crimes that involve capital punishment.

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The gallows is a seemingly innocuous device that has a dark history. First invented in the Middle Ages, it was mainly used for judicial executions. The device consisted of two beams that were linked by a trapdoor, and the condemned person was hanged from the beams.

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