What is another word for microfilm?

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The term "microfilm" is used to refer to a small scale photographic film used for storing and preserving documents and images. It is an antiquated term, and there are several synonyms that can be used in its place. These include "microfiche," which is similar to microfilm but stores information on small sheets of film rather than a roll. Another synonym is "microcard," a small card that is used to store and retrieve information on a microfilm machine. "Microform" and "micrographic technology" are broader terms that encompass both microfiche and microfilm. Regardless of the term used, these technologies have played an essential role in document preservation and dissemination.

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Microfilm is a medium for recording documents and images in miniature form, primarily for archival purposes. The opposite or antonyms for microfilm could include macrofilm, which is a larger format for recording documents and images. Other antonyms for microfilm could include digital documents, which have replaced microfilm in many applications. Another antonym could be paper documents, which are still the standard medium for many legal and business transactions. Finally, an antonym for microfilm could be other non-archival storage media, such as magnetic tape or computer hard drives, which have more rapid access times and faster searching capabilities than microfilm.

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The compartment in which he sat contained chair, table, a narrow cot, banks of dials, a remote-control panel for operating the instruments mounted outside the hull, a microfilm projector, and a pair of exerciser springs attached to one wall.
"The Nothing Equation"
Tom Godwin
However, he stated that he received the microfilm of the edition too late for use in his edition!
"The Last Poems of Ovid"
Not bound and printed books; spools of microfilm.
"The Return"
H. Beam Piper and John J. McGuire

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