What is another word for praetorian?

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Praetorian is an adjective that refers to ancient Rome's elite military unit, the Praetorian Guard. It is also used metaphorically to describe a person or group with power and influence. Synonyms for this word include powerful, influential, dominant, potent, authoritative, and controlling. Other similar terms that convey strength and authority include commanding, strong, formidable, mighty, and high-ranking. These words can help to emphasize the significant role that certain individuals or groups play in decision-making and shaping events. As such, they are useful for both historical and contemporary contexts when discussing those who hold power and influence in society.

How to use "Praetorian" in context?

The praetorian Guard of the Roman Empire was a unit of infantry composed of the sons of free men who were not citizens of the empire. The members of the Praetorian Guard were exclusive to the emperor and were known for their power, brutality and loyalty to the throne. The primary function of the Praetorian Guard was to protect the emperor and to ensure the smooth functioning of the Roman government. Over the centuries, the Praetorian Guard became one of the most feared and respected military units in the world.

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