What is another word for courtyard?

Pronunciation: [kˈɔːtjɑːd] (IPA)

A courtyard is a space enclosed by walls or buildings and open to the sky, usually located in the center of a building or surrounded by the buildings. It is a common sight in historical and traditional buildings. However, there are many synonyms for the word courtyard that can make your writing more interesting and varied. Some of these synonyms include plaza, piazza, quad, patio, quadrate, greensward, yard, and enclosure. Each of these words has its own connotation and can be used to describe different types of outdoor spaces. So, instead of using the same word repeatedly, try incorporating some of these synonyms to give your writing a fresh and dynamic voice.

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Usage examples for Courtyard

Stas, who passed the night among the camels and horses in the courtyard, had to be content with one biscuit; on the other hand, he did not lack water, for the fountain in the garden, by a strange chance, was not wrecked.
"In Desert and Wilderness"
Henryk Sienkiewicz
We took a hasty survey of the courtyard.
"The Dead Lake and Other Tales"
Paul Heyse
He had seen the travelling carriage in the courtyard, and watched Frederick fastening the valise on the box.
"The Dead Lake and Other Tales"
Paul Heyse

Famous quotes with Courtyard

  • Suddenly, I became conscious of the fact that the driver was in the act of pulling up the horses in the courtyard of a vast ruined castle, from whose tall black windows came no ray of light, and whose broken battlements showed a jagged line against the sky.
    Bram Stoker
  • My father died of neither hot nor cold. My father was as leathern as a saint. He required no trees. As unrefreshed as a Muslim courtyard. He required no fountain. No music. Whenever he saw a baby he said “poor baby.” His questions were the basic questions, as prosaic as footsteps. What is heaven like? Will I be young? Will I be with Mama? Will I go to sleep? (I don’t know, Papa; how can I know?) Absurdly, I gave answers.
    Richard Rodriguez
  • I never saw a man fight as Conan fought. He put his back to the courtyard wall, and before they overpowered him the dead men were strewn in heaps thigh-deep about him. But at last they dragged him down, a hundred against one.
    Robert E. Howard
  • The routine in the gallery seemed eternal. The artists ate a skimpy breakfast, worked from seven in the morning until noon, ate lunch when lunch was available, exercised by shift in the courtyard below, worked again till six, ate dinner, and worked from seven until eight-thirty. The gallery housed writers, artists, and a few musicians. Sexes were segregated. Every two weeks the men and women were allowed to mix indiscriminately. Any children born were immediately put in the outside government nurseries where they were brought up as workers, beginning in the fields or chemical gardens at the age of six.
    Jane Roberts
  • With silent strides Odysseus then shot back the bolt, passed lightly through the courtyard and sped down the street. Some saw him take the graveyard's zigzag mountain path, some saw him leap on rocks that edged the savage shore, some visionaries saw him in the dead of night swimming and talking secretly with the sea-demons, but only a small boy saw him in a lonely dream sit crouched and weeping by the dark sea's foaming edge.
    Nikos Kazantzakis

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