What is another word for necessitates?

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The term 'necessitates' refers to the act of requiring or making something necessary. Synonyms for this word include 'demands', 'compels', 'obliges' and 'mandates'. It can also be replaced with 'requires', 'entails', 'needs', and 'calls for'. 'Imposes', 'dictates' and 'enforces' are other synonyms for make something necessary. In certain contexts, 'forces' and 'presses' communicate a stronger sense of urgency, while 'entails' and 'implies' imply a more implicit or consequential requirement. Overall, using different synonyms for 'necessitates' brings variety and emphasis to the text, thereby making the communication powerful and effective.

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    How to use "Necessitates" in context?

    Necessitates are unavoidable factors in any successful undertaking. Whether it's taking care of your hygiene, following a schedule, or even eating right, necessitates are a part of any successful lifestyle. They keep you on track and help you stay healthy. However, sometimes necessitates can be annoying, time-consuming, or costly. But, in the end, they're necessary for a successful life.

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