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The term "fosters" can be defined as encouraging, promoting or nurturing something or someone. Synonyms for fosters may include encourages, supports, develops, nurtures, cultivates, inspires, stimulates, energizes, incentivizes, and fosters growth. These words imply a sense of positive influence, as one who fosters something or someone helps them to become better in ways that are beneficial for them. Whether it refers to fostering relationships, ideas, or skills, it denotes a positive influence and a commitment towards growth and development. Ultimately, fostering is a way to help others achieve success and reach their full potential.

How to use "Fosters" in context?

A foster parent is someone who takes in a child who is not their own, usually for a temporary period of time. This person provides love, care, and a safe place for the child while the child's parents are either unable or unwilling to provide that care.

In the United States, foster care is provided by state agencies and relies on a network of caretakers. Foster care is often seen as a last resort for families and children. As of 2012, approximately 114,000 children were in foster care in the US, an increase of 12% from 2010.

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