What is another word for clarifies?

Pronunciation: [klˈaɹɪfˌa͡ɪz] (IPA)

Clarifies is a verb that means to make something clearer or more understandable. Some synonyms for clarifies include illuminates, elucidates, explicates, unravels, untangles, simplifies, expounds, explains, and interprets. These words indicate that the goal is to provide clarity and insight into a subject matter. Each word has its variations of meaning, but they all indicate the process of making something more comprehensible. It's essential to choose the right synonym to use depending on the context of the message being communicated. When you clarify something effectively, you make sure that everyone understands the message so that you can avoid any confusion.

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Usage examples for Clarifies

While this view of African religion is partly true, it obscures more than it clarifies.
"The Black Experience in America The Immigrant Heritage of America"
Norman Coombs
The new Administration should continue the work which has been begun to develop a Federal criminal code which simplifies and clarifies our criminal laws, while maintaining our basic civil liberties and protections.
"State of the Union Addresses of Jimmy Carter"
Jimmy Carter
Sometimes it enhances and clarifies the ghost of a whisper.
"The Tempering"
Charles Neville Buck

Famous quotes with Clarifies

  • In California in the early Spring, There are pale yellow mornings, when the mist burns slowly into day, The air stings like Autumn, clarifies like pain - Well, I have dreamed this coast myself.
    Robert Hass
  • Prada is extremely directed in terms of communicating what they like and what they don't like. That is actually extremely pleasant because it clarifies very easily what you can do and what you need to do.
    Rem Koolhaas
  • Time cools, time clarifies; no mood can be maintained quite unaltered through the course of hours.
    Thomas Mann
  • Ignorance is the first requisite of the historian - ignorance, which simplifies and clarifies, which selects and omits, with a placid perfection unattainable by the highest art.
    Lytton Strachey
  • The only sound approach to collective bargaining is to work out an agreement that clarifies the rights and responsibilities of the parties, establishes principles and operates to the advantage of all concerned.
    Charles E. Wilson

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