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Compel is a word that means to force or urge someone to do something. There are several synonyms for compel, including oblige, coerce, enforce, pressure, and impel. These words have varying connotations and levels of intensity, such as obliging being a softer means of coercion, while enforcing is a more direct mandate. Coercion stands more towards the no-negotiation approach while pressuring takes a more subtle and indirect influence. Similarly, the word impel stresses the overarching motivation or push to act, similar to inspire. Overall, each of these words embodies the concept of forcing someone to do something, but with nuanced distinctions in meaning, usage, and tone.

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How to use "Compel" in context?

Compel is used to express a strong desire or need. It is often used in order to get someone to do something that is not normally desired or done. The use of compel often relies on the use of force or pressure in order to get someone to do what is asked. This can be seen in the sentence "I am compel to ask you to leave." The speaker is using compel in order to get the other person to leave the presence of the speaker. This can be seen as an effective way to get someone to do something.

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