What is another word for compel?

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[ k_ə_m_p_ˈɛ_l], [ kəmpˈɛl], [ kəmpˈɛl]

Synonyms for Compel:

compel (verb) propel (verb) require (verb) Other synonyms:

Rhymes for Compel:

  1. shell, fell, gel, yell, spell, dell, well, ell, jell, knell, quell, swell, el, dwell, bell, tell, l, cell, sell, belle, bel, smell;
  2. foretell, excel, retell, motel, noel, pastel, rebel, hotel, propel, befell, expel, farewell, rozelle, cornell, gazelle, marvell, dispel, cavell, repel, cartel, impel, mantell, ravel, moselle, purcell, nobel, cabell;
  3. raphael, personnel, clientele;
  4. materiel, mademoiselle, aix-la-chapelle;

Quotes for Compel:

  1. There is no reason why marriage should necessarily compel an actress to forego her career. Billie Burke.
  2. No iron chain, or outward force of any kind, can ever compel the soul of a person to believe or to disbelieve. Thomas Carlyle.
  3. But I can tell you what your folly and injustice will compel us to do. It will compel us to be free from your domination, and more self -reliant than we have been. John H. Reagan.

Idioms of Compel:

  1. compel sm to do sth;