What is another word for nest egg?

Pronunciation: [nˈɛst ˈɛɡ] (IPA)

Nest egg refers to a sum of money that has been saved up for a specific future use, such as retirement or emergency expenses. There are several synonyms for nest egg, including rainy day fund, contingency fund, emergency fund, and retirement savings. A rainy day fund is similar to a nest egg, as it is money set aside for unexpected expenses, while a contingency fund usually describes money kept aside for a particular purpose. Retirement savings can be considered a type of nest egg that is specifically reserved for one's later years. Whatever term is used, having a nest egg is a crucial aspect of personal financial planning and can provide peace of mind during uncertain times.

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Famous quotes with Nest egg

  • Younger workers should have more freedom to build their retirement nest egg.
    Gresham Barrett
  • There is a real opportunity right now as parents and grandparents to come up with a plan that leaves our kids with something better than we have; that is, an opportunity to own, build, and grow a nest egg of their own.
    Norm Coleman
  • I don't have any blindness when it comes to my money. As an actor, you can get distracted by your work. I do keep an eye on my nest egg, if you will.
    Judd Nelson
  • From LIU Magazine-Winter 2016. In response to students question he said: "There is no doubt that the best nest egg is to be successful, and that will only happen if young people have the confidence to invest in themselves first."
    Michael Bivona
  • Each thought that is welcomed and recorded is a nest egg by the side of which more will be laid.
    Henry David Thoreau

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