What is another word for wherewithal?

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Wherewithal is a word that refers to the means or resources one has to accomplish something. When looking for synonyms to this word, some of the options that could be considered include resources, funds, capital, assets, capability, capacity, competence, skill, and talent. Each of these words refers to different aspects of the term, ranging from financial to personal skills. Another synonym could be "ability," which refers to the skill or power one has to do something. Other possible alternatives depending on the context include tools, equipment, expertise, knowledge, experience, connections, and networks, among others. Ultimately, the choice of synonym should depend on the specific context and meaning intended.

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How to use "Wherewithal" in context?

Wherewithal is a word that means the ability or capability to do something. It has many uses, including in English, finance, and law.

In English, the term can be used to describe the financial resources needed to carry out a particular action. For example, someone might say that a company has the wherewithal to launch a new product.

In law, wherewithal refers to the mental ability to understand and comply with the legal requirements of a situation. For example, if you are accused of a crime, the prosecution will need to prove that you had the wherewithal to commit the crime.

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