What is another word for pork barrel?

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Pork barrel is an American political term referring to the practice of politicians using government funds to finance local projects that often benefit their own constituencies. The term typically carries a negative connotation, suggesting wasteful or corrupt spending. Other phrases used to describe pork barrel spending include earmarks, patronage, and logrolling. Earmarks refer to specific appropriations of government funds for specific projects, while patronage describes the practice of rewarding political allies with government appointments. Logrolling refers to the practice of exchanging favors among legislators in order to pass particular bills or legislation, often including pork barrel spending. Regardless of the term used, the practice of pork barrel spending remains a contentious issue in American politics.

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    Pork barrel refers to a spending measure used in Congress that allows members of the House or Senate to budget funds for a specific project or purpose. Introduced in 1871, pork barrel spending often represents patronage or special interest appropriations. The practice has come under increased scrutiny in recent years amid accusations of government waste.

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