What is another word for pelf?

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"Pelf" is a rarely used word in contemporary English language and refers to money or wealth, especially when it is obtained dishonestly or by means of illegal activities. Some common synonyms for "pelf" include lucre, riches, wealth, fortune, and treasure. Other related words that can be used in place of "pelf" include booty, spoils, haul, and plunder. These words often carry a negative connotation, suggesting illegal or unethical methods of obtaining wealth. If you're looking for a more positive synonym, you might consider words like income, earnings, or salary, which imply a legitimate source of profits.

Synonyms for Pelf:

How to use "Pelf" in context?

"The value of a person's physical features." This is how the Oxford English Dictionary defines the word "pelf". It first appeared in English in the 13th century, and at that time it meant "the value of a person's physical features". From there, the meaning of the word evolved, and nowadays it can refer to anything from money to dignity.

There are a few reasons why the word "pelf" has been so successful. First of all, it has a historical connection to money.

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