What is another word for opacity?

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Opacity is a word that describes an object or substance's ability to prevent light from passing through. Though a commonly used word, there are plenty of synonyms that can be used to describe the same thing. For example, the word "opaqueness" is closely related to opacity, and both words are often used interchangeably. Other synonyms include "intransparency," "impenetrability," "obscuration," and "non-transparency." All of these words can be used to describe objects or substances that prevent light from passing through. Whether you want to add variety to your writing or avoid repeating the same word, using these synonyms for opacity can help you describe things with vivid detail.

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Opacity is a term that refers to the lack of transparency or the ability to see through an object. However, there are several antonyms for opacity that describe the opposite of this property. These include words such as transparency, clarity, lucidity, and translucency, which all describe the ability to see through or perceive an object clearly. Another antonym for opacity is openness, which refers to the degree of accessibility or ease of understanding of a given concept or idea. Finally, the term transparence is also an antonym for opacity and refers to the quality of being transparent or easily understood.

Usage examples for Opacity

Straining their medium of its opacity, I drew off the clayey liquid and replaced it with the clearer brown, wallaba-stained water of the Mazaruni; and thereafter all their doings, all their intimacies, were at my mercy.
"Edge of the Jungle"
William Beebe
If we knew on what other relations to light, or on what peculiarities of structure, opacity depends, we might find that this is only an apparent, not a real, exception to the general proposition in the text.
"A System Of Logic, Ratiocinative And Inductive (Vol. 1 of 2)"
John Stuart Mill
The eyes deep sunk in the sockets without eyebrows or eyelashes, with the pupils still beautiful, but dulled with a glassy opacity.
"The Shadow of the Cathedral"
Vicente Blasco Ibañez

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