What is another word for incision?

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Incision - a surgical cut made in the skin or flesh of a living being. The word 'incision' is often used in medical settings when tissues are purposely cut to facilitate medical procedures. Here are some synonyms for the word 'incision': 1. Cut, 2. Wound, 3. Gash, 4. Laceration, 5. Severing, 6. Slice, 7. Slash, 8. Nick, 9. Tear, 10. Piercing, 11. Pricking, 12. Puncture, 13. Split, 14. Cleft, 15. Rupture. All these synonyms closely relate to the word 'incision', and they are commonly used in medical fields to describe a cut or wound made during a medical procedure.

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The antonym for incision is "closure." While incision means to cut into something, closure denotes shutting something down or the process of coming to an end. Other antonyms for incision include seam, suture, or join. These words connote the act of bringing together separate parts instead of cutting them apart. Some other antonyms for incision could be union, fusion, or connection. Antonyms for incision may also relate to the healing process, such as mending or repairing, as opposed to cutting or opening up. By understanding the antonyms of incision, one can better comprehend its opposite meaning and use them while communicating effectively.

Usage examples for Incision

In truth it is a strange and cruel remedy which fate has employed, making a deep incision in my heart, in order to convince me how little I was ripe for death; how much strength and feeling there was still in me, how much I could yet endure!
"The Dead Lake and Other Tales"
Paul Heyse
The same evening an inflammation appeared round the incision, which, at the end of twenty hours, increased to the diameter of a sixpence, and some fluid had already been collected on the lips of the scratch, which the child had rubbed off.
"Makers of Modern Medicine"
James J. Walsh
A quick pressure and the incision was made, the piece of wood was removed, and the skewer inserted from the under-side as the knife was being taken out.
"The Sun Dance of the Blackfoot Indians"
Clark Wissler

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