What is another word for or?

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The word "or" is commonly used to indicate a choice between two or more possibilities. However, it can get repetitive if it is used multiple times in the same sentence or paragraph. Thankfully, there are plenty of synonyms for "or" that can be used to vary sentence structure and add interest to writing. Some alternatives to "or" include words like "alternatively," "else," "otherwise," "either," "otherwise," and "in lieu of." By using these synonyms, writers can create more nuanced and varied text that keeps readers engaged. Additionally, choosing the right synonym can help to more accurately convey the intended meaning of the sentence.

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    The word "or" has two meanings: "either A or B" or "either A or C but not B". For example, you can say "I want a grapefruit or an orange" to mean "I want a grapefruit or an orange, but not an apple".

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