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Manipulation is a term that refers to the act of controlling or influencing something or someone, usually in a deceitful or dishonest manner. There are many synonyms for the word "manipulation," each with its unique connotations and shades of meaning. Some of the most common synonyms include control, influence, domination, exploitation, coercion, deception, and trickery. Other synonyms include maneuvering, steering, management, regulation, governance, administration, and operation. Each of these terms describes a different approach to manipulating a situation, ranging from subtle tactics to more direct and forceful methods. Ultimately, understanding these synonyms can help individuals recognize manipulative behavior and take steps to protect themselves against it.

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How to use "Manipulation" in context?

At its most basic definition, manipulation is the use of psychological techniques to change someone's attitudes, beliefs or behavior. Manipulative people typically use these techniques with the goal of achieving their own goals, often without regard for the other person.

While manipulation can occur in any relationship, it is often most harmful in intimate ones. In these settings, a manipulative person can use their power over their partner to control them, often fomenting fear and insecurity in order to boost their own ego.

Manipulative people can be difficult to spot, partly because they often act in ways that are either subtle or even unnoticeable.

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