What is another word for panic-stricken?

Pronunciation: [pˈanɪkstɹˈɪkən] (IPA)

Panic-stricken is a term used to describe an extreme form of fear or anxiety. However, there are many other synonyms to convey the same meaning, such as terrified, horrified, petrified, shaken, spooked, and frightened. Each of these words describes the intense emotional distress that a person is experiencing. When a person feels panic-stricken, they may find it difficult to think clearly or make rational decisions. Therefore, using a synonym that effectively captures the same feeling can be helpful in communicating the severity of the situation. No matter which synonym you choose to convey the message of panic, they all indicate a state of being extremely afraid.

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What are the opposite words for panic-stricken?

The antonyms for the word panic-stricken are composed, calm, collected, relaxed, unfazed, confident, unflappable, and serene. These words denote a state of mind that is characterized by tranquility, composure, and peace. When one is composed, they are in control of their emotions and able to handle situations calmly. A calm person is steady and does not get agitated quickly. Someone who is collected is rational and level-headed. A relaxed individual is at ease, and things happen effortlessly to them. Unfazed people are undisturbed and do not let difficulties get to them. Confident people have faith in their abilities, while unflappable people do not lose their cool under pressure. Serene individuals have a peaceful aura about them, which is not affected by external factors.

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Famous quotes with Panic-stricken

  • Offer them what they secretly want and they of course immediately become panic-stricken.
    Jack Kerouac

Semantically related words: scared to death, high anxiety levels


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