What is another word for overawed?

Pronunciation: [ˌə͡ʊvəɹˈɔːd] (IPA)

Overawed is a word that can be used to describe when someone is completely struck by awe or an overwhelming fear of someone or something. Some synonyms for this word include intimidated, cowed, frightened, daunted, and awestruck. When someone is intimidated, they feel a sense of fear or apprehension that makes them unwilling or hesitant to approach or confront a person or situation. Being cowed implies being made to feel inferior or submissive, often through intimidation or force. Daunted implies being discouraged or disheartened by something that seems too difficult or overwhelming. Awe-struck, on the other hand, connotes being moved or struck by a sense of wonder and admiration.

Synonyms for Overawed:

What are the hypernyms for Overawed?

A hypernym is a word with a broad meaning that encompasses more specific words called hyponyms.

What are the opposite words for overawed?

The word "overawed" means to feel overwhelmed or intimidated by someone or something. Its antonyms, or words with opposite meanings, include confident, fearless, relaxed, calm, and composed. Confident refers to feeling self-assured and certain of oneself, while fearless means to be without fear or apprehension. Relaxed and calm both indicate a feeling of ease or tranquility, and composed suggests being in control of one's emotions and behavior. These antonyms can be useful in communicating a completely different attitude or mindset from someone who is overawed, such as one who is poised and self-assured in the face of difficult circumstances.

What are the antonyms for Overawed?

Usage examples for Overawed

They may not have such resounding names as some of their predecessors, but I prefer a Congress of ordinary men to a group of Senators and Representatives overawed and led about by five or six overgrown, political Brobdingnagians.
"Around The Tea-Table"
T. De Witt Talmage
overawed by the splendor of her environment, Amarilly held her breath as they glided swiftly through the streets.
"Amarilly of Clothes-line Alley"
Belle K. Maniates
Bereft of him, Chicago overawed me, and took my breath away.
Lowell, Orson

Famous quotes with Overawed

  • “What do you have to say to “ “Oh, very little, to be sure, Master Kosta. It’s so hard to think, overawed as I am with the sublime genius of your plan.“ “That bears some vague resemblance to sarcasm.“ “God forfend,“ said Jean. “You wound me! Your inexpressible criminal virtues have triumphed again, as inevitably as the tides come and go. I cast myself at your feet and beg for absolution. Yours is the genius that nourishes the heart of the world.“ “And now you’re—“ “If only there was a leper handy,“ interrupted Jean, "so you could lay your hands on and magically heal him.“
    Scott Lynch
  • Don't take too seriously all that the neighbors say. Don't be overawed by what the experts say. Don't be afraid to trust your own common sense.
    Benjamin Spock
  • ‘Sir, we are trying to work because we are having to take the examination in a very brief time from now, but the younger boys are not realizing the importance of our labours and they are creating veritable pandemoniums while we are immersed in our studies. To us who are their lawful and appointed superiors they are giving overmuch insolence, nor are they sufficiently overawed by our frequent threatenings. I would be taking it, sir, as inestimable favour if you would deliver harsh words and verbal punishing to them all, sir, especially the Malay boys, who are severely lacking in due respectfulness and incorrigible to discipline also.’
    Anthony Burgess

Related words: awe, feeling of admiration and respect; something that causes such a feeling

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