What is another word for pennon?

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Pennon, a noun, refers to a flag or banner, often used as a military ensign. Synonyms for the word "pennon" include banner, standard, flag, ensign, pennant, guidon, streamer, burgee, colors, and vexillum. While some of these words have specific connotations, such as 'guidon' used specifically for cavalry units, all can be used interchangeably to refer to a flag or banner. These words are often used in historical or military contexts, but can also be applied to any decorative or ceremonial flag or banner. With the variety of synonyms available, writers can choose the word that best suits their context and intended meaning.

How to use "Pennon" in context?

The pennon is the distinctive flag of a military unit. It consists of a white field with a blue border and a red or other color center. Pennon poles are typically taller than flags and are either kept vertically or horizontally.

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