What is another word for insignia?

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There are several synonyms for the word "insignia" that can be used to describe a symbol or emblem that represents an organization, rank or office. Some synonyms include emblem, badge, crest, coat of arms, logo, seal, and stamp. The word emblem refers to a design that represents an idea, concept, or identity. A badge is a symbol that typically represents an achievement, affiliation, or authority. The term crest describes a symbol used to represent a family or organization, while a coat of arms represents a noble family or lineage. Other synonyms like logo, seal, and stamp represent official symbols and signs that represent an organization, business or government agency.

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    Usage examples for Insignia

    One cannot closely observe the use of the Maltese hood, presumedly the insignia of modesty, without becoming convinced that it serves in no small degree the same purpose as the Spanish fan in the hands of an accomplished Andalusian woman.
    "The Story of Malta"
    Maturin M. Ballou
    A thick gold watch-chain was the insignia of being left behind in the social race among the gentlemen of the corn trade.
    "The Song of Songs"
    Hermann Sudermann
    But for this very reason her dignity and the sense of serenity that her personality suggested showed to best advantage in the simple toilette of white with the Red Cross insignia on the arm.
    "The Red Cross Girls with the Russian Army"
    Margaret Vandercook

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