What is another word for pinion?

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[ pˈɪni͡ən], [ pˈɪni‍ən], [ p_ˈɪ_n_iə_n]

Pinion is a term that refers to the act of holding or securing something in place. Some other synonyms for the word pinion include fasten, secure, clamp, hold, anchor, and tether. Pinion can also be used to describe the wing of a bird that helps it fly, and some other words that can be used interchangeably with this definition include wing, feather, and flap. Pinion can also be used to describe the act of binding or restraining someone, and other words that can be used to describe this definition include restrain, bind, shackle, fetter, and tie up. All of these synonyms help to convey the meaning and context of the word pinion.

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    The pinion is the main shaft on a bicycle that transmits power from the crankset to the wheels. It is made from a round bar of hardened steel with a number of small rings attached around it. The rings connect to the chain, and the pinion rotates as the chain moves around its circumference. This action provides the motive power to turn the wheels.

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    • pinyan.

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